About Us: Redding Pest Control

Redding pest control provides pest control services in Redding California and its environments. Our main goal is to provide professional pest control and removal services to our current and future clients.  We know it’s not easy to let strangers into your home that’s why we strive to ensure that you trust us. To us, it’s not only about business; it’s about ensuring that you are a satisfied customer.

To achieve this, our contractors work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that we provide the best services possible and meet all the set expectations. This means that in the end, we aim to solve your pest problem completely. We understand that pests can be a real nuisance and can even expose you, your family and neighbors to diseases. We’ll save you the anguish of dealing with pests by removing them from your household.

Our Team

Our personnel team here at Redding Pest Control is highly trained. This allows us to tackle any pest infestation head on. We’ll let you know how we’ll go about the process and give you an overview of how we’ll deal with the situation. Some of the pests we’re able to exterminate or control include: spiders, bedbugs, termites, wasps, cockroaches and ants.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Redding Pest Control also offers other alternatives of dealing with pests. Once we get rid of pests in your premises, we wouldn’t like the same pests to attack again. That’s why we are keen on educating our clients on prevention methods. We educate both children and adults on how to prevent pest infestations where they live.

Our Charges

Charges for our services differ depending on a number of variables. The price varies depending on the type of pest(s) we’re dealing with and which products we’ll be using. However, we always put our client’s interests first.

Feel free to give us a call if you’re if you have any inquiries regarding our services. Don’t let pests bother you, we’re here for you.