Redding Pest Control Services- Ant Control


Oh the pesky sugar ants. Most of us have experienced waking up in the morning, grabbing the cereal and finding that the ants have decided they wanted some too! While most of us control the sugar ants on our own just fine- there does come a time where stronger methods are needed because the ant invasion can really get out of hand.

Ants are social pests. And work incredibly well as a team. Most of the time you might see one ant here and there and think nothing of it- but the reality is that ant is searching for a food source, and when he finds one he will go back to the colony and tell all his friends- that’s when you see that line of ants getting to work. Though the ants don’t do any damage to your home, it can pose a huge problem as far as a nuisance and they can actually cost you a lot of money as you throw food out and struggle to keep them at bay!

Controlling the ant

Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do on your own to keep the ants at bay. There are a lot of over the counter poison bates where the ant takes it back to the queen and the queen dies- these are incredibly effective and times all you need!

Another way to prevent ants from invading your home is to keep the home clean and keep all food sources tightly sealed and closed at all times. If there’s no food source for the ants, they simply won’t come into your home. Pet food is another huge attraction- leaving your pets food out all day will attract ants. We recommend that you only get the pet food out when it’s time for them eat.

When to call Redding Pest Control

Should you have a harder time controlling the ants, we suggest giving us a call so we can come asses the home and find the prevailing problem. Older homes are more prone to ant invasion. so sometimes we recommend monthly pest control.