How to Get Rid Of Mosquitoes


How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

The high-pitched whine mosquitoes make enough to annoy homeowners who are trying to concentrate. What’s even more time-consuming is when you try to hit them with your palms when they try to suck your blood. Getting rid of mosquitoes can help you avoid certain diseases they carry such as malaria and dengue.

Did you know that mosquitoes don’t bite- they don’t have any teeth? They have sharp mouths that could inject through your skin and suck blood. Their tiny tube-like mouths make it easier to them to get access to your blood vessels. You don’t have to worry about the male mosquitoes; they don’t attack for blood, they just hover around you. They can actually live for only 6-9 days. If your home is situated nearby water, then there’s a possibility that there will be mosquito infestation. Whether your house is located in a nearby creek, pond, or any low movement body of water- it will be a perfect place for mosquitoes to grow.

Mosquitoes tend to spend their first ten days in water, if there’s strong storm that has deposited flood water, you have to drain it the very next week, so they don’t multiply. Seeing mosquitoes buzzing around is annoying, not to mention that when female mosquitoes suck blood- it causes a tingly feeling. During colder seasons, you won’t spot any mosquito in sight for they hibernate in their cave-like places waiting for warmer weather just like bears. According to research, female mosquitoes tend to hibernate for over six months at a time.

Signs of Mosquito manifestation

If the temperature is above 50 degrees and there’s stuck water near your property, then there’s a huge tendency that you’ve got mosquitoes nearby. These insects appear in the morning, dawn, evening, and at any time when the sunlight isn’t bright, and the humidity is high. That’s why it’s extremely easy to detect whether or not mosquitoes are around.

Female mosquitoes will find a stagnant water and lay eggs on it. The eggs need the water to survive. If you have plants with trays of water. You can throw it daily to avoid mosquito infestation. The wigglers are mosquito larvae and after a few days, if not thrown will turn into either hovering or blood-sucking mosquito.

Double check your crawl spaces, basement, and other areas where stagnant water could be found. Check your plumbing status, in case if the pipes create water leaks, you must call a plumber man for help and assistance.

Different Ways to get rid of mosquitoes

Discharging water off your yard and at any possible area is necessary to stop mosquito infestation. You can use a wet-dry vacuum to suck the water and place them down the drain. Keeping your surroundings clean will also help. Weeds in your garden should be pulled out, for mosquitoes tend to hide in the taller weeds.

Using electronic bug zapper can attract the mosquitoes to it because of its light and warmth, once this happens these insects will receive an electrical discharge and will die. But, it could be cumbersome to have bug zapper with you when you’re trying to enjoy. Another natural method is to eat a lot of garlic- it has a lot of healthy and beneficial properties, so it’s nutritious to eat. Your sweats will create an irregular odor, which the insects hate. Thus, saving your blood from being sucked by female mosquitoes.

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