Pests We Control

At Redding Pest Control we use high-end products that destroy pests colony and hive deep within. We want to makes sure that they will never come back. Our pest control service provides quality, reliability, and dependability that every home and business owner can trust. We make sure that the products we use with our services provide 100% control after treatment. Our professional exterminators promote environmental protection at the same time, we don’t release chemicals, which is prohibited by the law. We are professionally trained to get rid of bugs and termites the safest way possible. The following are the pests we can take care of:

  • ants
  • bed bugs
  • wasps
  • termites
  • mice and rats
  • spiders
  • cockroaches
  • centipedes
  • and many more, just give us a call and considered your pest problem solved


  • Get a free quote with us
    We offer a free estimate of the possible cost of getting the pests out of your house. Our provided telephone number is open to answer your queries about insects and free consultation on how you can reduce them safely.
  • Free area checking
    Contact us to get rid of your pest problem, aside from helping you understand more about insect’s nature and infestation. We provide free checking in your area. We’re going to identify the problem for you and provide viable solutions to it- free of charge.
  • Free consultation
    If your house is infested and you don’t know what to do. Immediately, contact us. One of our representatives will provide you the basic treatments that you can do yourself. If the infestation is severe, our team will have to give your place a visit. There are no hidden charges when asking us for advises and information about the insects- it’s all for free.
  • Free informative articles about insects
    We would like to educate you about insects. What good can they do for you and when should they be stopped. Spiders, for instance, can be helpful but can be dangerous at the same time. You will also get to know the usual insects that occurs at Redding, CA and what particular season they usually come in.
    Pest control service in Redding, CA relatively shows an increase in demand for the past few years and was predicted to continue for the upcoming years to come. According to research, one of the common causes is the lack of knowledge of insect prevention. Before bugs and ants can start to nest more colony, there are prevention methods that anyone can do and that’s what we are sharing by means of our blogs.


Redding Pest Control Services is the area’s top, most experienced pest control company. We are a full service company that exterminates the pests, removes them, and prevents them.

There are roughly 2000 know types of termites in the world. The types of termites that we know most and fight against are the subterranean termites.
Bed Bugs
Once thought to be completely eradicated from the US- Bed Bugs have come back with a vengeance.
Ant Control
Oh the pesky sugar ants. Most of us have experienced waking up in the morning, grabbing the cereal and finding that the ants have decided they wanted some too!
Spider Control
Did you know that there’s likely a spider within ten feet of you right now? Yup! Most people are always around spiders, they just don’t know it.
Wasp Control
Nothing can be more unnerving than finding a wasps nest right outside your home, or even in the walls of your home.
Cockroach Control
It’s pretty standard that any sight of a cockroach and we’re called- and we don’t blame you!

Making your properties insect-free is our business

There are many ways in which insects can make way to your home. Most insects have social skills, which helps them to multiply in a short period of time. They can be a nuisance sometimes, that’s why most home and business owners want them gone for good. We are open to contractual pest control services around Redding, CA. We are trained to handle them with ease, expertise, and professionalism. Keeping your house pest-cleared is our business and we love handling them for you.
We are highly trained to do the job for you. If you need to get rid of those pests, bugs, and unwanted animals in your property, our company offers pest control service redding ca has to offer and we’re only one call away to reach. We can help you ditch your pest problems ASAP. Our services remain unbeatable when it comes to keeping Redding a safer, cleaner, and a pest-free state.