There are roughly 2000 know types of termites in the world. The types of termites that we know most and fight against are the subterranean termites. These termites are known for their nests underground, and are a concern for every state. These pesky termites are incredibly damaging to the home- which is why we take them very seriously. If left alone to their life, they will slowly eat away at the core of your home, eventually risking the foundational integrity.

Termites, as we know, feast off wood or any cellulose material. This is bad news for the majority of your home or business, as all of them are built with a heck of a lot of wood. To make matters worse, termites are incredibly quiet and rarely need to come out from their little holes because everything they need is right in the inside walls of your home. Most people don’t realize they have a problem until the damage is extensive.

Did you know that Termites cause of 5 BILLION dollars in damage each here, just here in the US??!!

Yeah- that’s more than most natural disasters throughout the US! Who knew such tiny little pests could do so much damage?

That’s why here at Redding Pest Control; we will fully inspect your home for signs of termites. Should we find termites we will eradicate them fully from your home, and do preventative measures after to keep them from returning!

Redding Pest Control always recommend considering where we live and the climate and abundance of wood- to always have a yearly inspection. Preventative measure makes the biggest difference when it comes to termites- you don’t want the termites to get ahead of you and cause thousands of dollars in damage!