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Pest Control Company in Redding, CA

Best Quality pest control for your property in CA. Professionally serving all residents in the Redding, California area! We value you and your environment. We protect your loved ones and properties from destructive and dangerous pests- they might hover, bite, or even be scary, but we’re here to handle them without you having to keep worrying about it. We work for your satisfaction by putting our education, training, and safe pest removal techniques to work for you and your family.

We provide full-service pest control through Northern California. We exterminate bugs and parasites around homes. Keeping your hub free from harmful pest and insects is our primary mission. Once we start working together, we are fully committed to solving your pest problems

Residential- Having bugs and pests infesting your home, apartment or townhouse? It can be frustrating, that’s why we provide residential services, to take care of all your pest problems at your house, apartment or anything you consider your home, RV’s and mobiles too! There’s an increasing bug problem in Shasta County, and we’re here to help. We are happy to serve homes in Redding, CA with commitment and professional service.

Commercial- Doesn’t matter if it’s a bar, restaurant, gym or a medical facility, we have the perfect pest control programs with professional plans to keep your commercial facilities bug-free so you and your customers can relax with great comfort. We have years of training and experience to deal with pest control in commercial establishments around Redding CA. Our exterminators are not only committed but are intact with top notch education and training.

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If you need pest control in Redding CA, look no further we provide only the highest quality of service and only the safest tools and equipment to control pests. We professionally handle every type of pest issues starting from exterminating tiny ants to big bugging rats. Our team is embodied with faultless skills and advance knowledge during the bug inspection of identifying the particular bug problem up to the actual procedure of eliminating the pests. We do everything we can to protect our valued customer’s property to keep it safe and bug-free, simply because of that’s what we are trained to do. .
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No matter what pest problems you have- Redding pest control has the experience and skill to get those pets out of your business or home. We have years of experience working in the Redding area, and know that’s there’s simply no job too big or too small! Even if you’re not sure about a total invasion, we always just tell our clients it’s better to be safe than sorry- our home and business evaluations are always free- it’s just a way we can serve you and give that peace of mind you need. And- if there is a problem that needs to be controlled, we will give you a free quote as well!
Serving California homes and businesses for your pest problems.

Most Common Pests Found In Shasta County CA

Bed bugs
Mice and rats

And much more, just give us a call, and you can consider your pest problem solved

Our pest control includes services for roaches, termites, and more!


We love what we do and would like to educate our customers not only the important roles- insects play in our lives, but also the importance of using chemicals to get rid of them safely in California and in such a way it doesn’t harm anyone, including the environment. Feel free to browse our informative articles that will discuss trivia, facts, and safety measures about insects.


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Redding Pest Control is Shasta County's most experience team of CA exterminators.We are a full service company for both commercial and residential in Redding California.

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There are roughly 2000 know types of termites in the world. The types of termites that we know most and fight against are the subterranean termites.
Professional bed bug and termite inspection.
Once thought to be completely eradicated from the US- These pests have come back with a vengeance.
Quality bug and rodent control for your home.
Oh the pesky sugar ants. Most of us have experienced waking up in the morning, grabbing the cereal and finding that the ants have decided they wanted some too!