Once thought to be completely eradicated from the US- Bed Bugs have come back with a vengeance. There’s really nothing more frustrating than realizing you’ve had a bed bug infestation and getting rid of them can be difficult. Bed Bugs typically bite, leaving an itchy welt for weeks. Though these bites do not transmit disease like other animals- their bites can just make us itchy and even cause allergic reactions.

Warmth and carbon dioxide are what bed bugs like the most- once a source is found they will begin sucking blood while you sleep. It’s an incredibly unsettling feeling!

Bed bugs can live in many locations- not just beds. Common places to find bed bugs are couches, chairs, carpet, clothing’s, and of course beds. Anywhere there is fabric and warmth, and where they can find blood to suck at some point can be a great home for bed bugs.

One of the issues many people face die to bed bugs is that they leave their eggs, fecal matter, and skin they shed in nests all throughout your furniture and carpet. When there’s a big outbreak you simply have no choice but to throw the furniture out because there’s no way to get it all. This is why it’s crucial to act fast should you see the signs of bed bugs.

As always, finding the bed bugs and getting them under control early is going to be key- and could potentially save you thousands of dollars and lots of itches!!!

There are many ways to get rid of bed bugs- and we have many options for you. But before we get rid of them, it’s important we’ve located all the places they are hiding in your home. Should one bed bug be left, another infestation could occur almost overnight. That’s why we do a thorough examination of your home- and then fully and complete rid your home of them.

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