Redding Pest Control- Cockroach Control


It’s pretty standard that any sight of a cockroach and we’re called- and we don’t blame you! Cockroaches are by far the most hated and frustrating of pests. These pests can carry a whole slew of disease and germs, and transmit them throughout the entire home or business. Not only that- but cockroaches can get into food, clothing, bedding and really anywhere you don’t want them.

Cockroach Facts

Did you know a cockroach can live seven days without his head??! That’s one week with no head. Gross!! Also, cockroaches are incredibly fast and can run 3 miles in a hour and they’ve been around since the dinosaurs. Perhaps these are reasons why cockroaches are so hard to get rid of, but we just think it makes the challenge all the more fun.

We take cockroaches incredibly seriously here at Redding Pest Control– we will completely rid your home or business of all cockroaches, and do monthly preventative measure to ensure they never come back. The last thing you want, especially as a business, if for clients to see cockroaches roaming around- as they are a clear sign that things are dirty and unkempt.