Redding Pest Control- Wasp Control


Nothing can be more unnerving than finding a wasps nest right outside your home, or even in the walls of your home. Because of their aggressive nature, and their mighty sting- it’s always best to call a pest control company to handle the wasps.

Redding Pest Control is experienced and skilled in removing wasp nests, and therefore wasps. While we don’t aim to kill the wasps we do want them to find a new home and so we kindly encourage them to move on! Wasps can be very aggressive when they feel like they are being threatened- Redding Pest Control has the proper attire and equipment to safely remove them. Doing this will not only keep them safe and alive, but also make your home more enjoyable and less unnerving!

Remember- wasps are incredibly aggressive and we do not recommend you try to remove the nest yourself. If one wasp attacks, and you’re near the nest, it’s very common for the others wasps to attack as well- this could send anyone to the hospital and especially those with allergic reactions to the wasps sting.

Wasp Facts

  • Wasps venom contains pheromones that actually make other wasps more aggressive- that’s why people tell you never to try to hit one or swat at it.
  • Most stings last about 24 hours if you’re not allergic- so just sit tight if you got stung and you’ll be better in time
  • If you’re allergic, seek medical help immediately
  • Though we know the word drone for that fun new flying device, the male wasps were first to be named drones!
  • Wasps help gardens by eating flies and dead insects, so don’t worry if you see them in or around your garden! They are helpful!!

Remember- most wasps are fine as long as you leave them alone. The only time to worry or have us come to assist with wasps is when they are too close to your home or there’s simply too many of the and you cannot enjoy being outside.